7 Simple Steps For a Successful Air Conditioner Power Up This Spring

Shipton's Heating and Cooling provides homeowners with seven tips for a successful air conditioner startup this spring.

So far, spring is looking pretty indecisive – fluctuating back and forth between snow and rain. But regardless of the confusing weather, sunshine is still on route! And, like you, we couldn’t be happier about it. 

But we’ve seen how unexpectedly the cool of spring can turn into the heat of summer.

We’ve also seen how fast an impatience for summer to arrive can turn into unnecessary rushing and stressing.

More often than not, homeowners end up trying to get their air conditioner started in the middle of an unprecedented humid spell! 

In situations like these, homeowners go from impatient to unprepared very quickly. And what could have been a beautiful start to summer suddenly ends up as an unexpected AC repair. Or even an entire air conditioner replacement! 

Which means?

The perfect time to start planning for a successful air conditioner power-up is not next month. It’s right now! 

Keep reading for seven things you should do BEFORE starting up your air conditioner this year. 

Remove the condenser cover. 

One of the last things you did in the fall was close down your air conditioner for the season. To do this, you most likely, 

a) Turned the system off and 

b) Placed a condenser cover over the unit. 

This cover insulated and protected your air conditioner from potential seasonal damage. It helped shield the condenser from yard debris and prevented freezing inside the unit. It also helped keep the coils on your condenser clean so that the system could function efficiently once powered up again. 

But now that winter is over (cue our hooray!), you can finally remove this cover! 

During the summer, your condenser needs to breathe. It needs to exchange stale air with fresh air in a continual cycle to effectively cool your home. 

If something is blocking your system from receiving this fresh, ventilated air, the system could be at risk of: 

  • Mould spores
  • Rust 
  • Corrosion 
  • Unwanted pests and more. 

In fact, if left covered, your air conditioner could overheat and burn out entirely! 

Check and reset your thermostat. 

…Although this might seem like an obvious step before turning your air conditioner on in the spring, you would be surprised how easy it is to forget!

How To Reset Your Thermostat: 

  1. Reset your thermostat to Cool.
  2. Program your thermostat to approximately 4-5 degrees lower than your current room temperature. 

It might take a second to kick on, but you should feel cool air within a few minutes. 

If, by chance, you don’t feel that cool air kicking on, there might be a problem with your thermostat. If so, call our AC Repair and Maintenance team right away! 

Change your HVAC filter.

You’ve probably heard us mention this one a time or two before. But changing the HVAC filter on your air conditioner is one of the most important things you can do before a start to pretty much every season. 

Ideally, you should change your HVAC filter every 90 days (every three months). But this recommended timeframe changes, of course, depending on if you have pets, allergies, children etc. 

If you have allergies, our technicians advise that you change your furnace filter every 24-40 days. 

Not sure where to buy a new filter? Shop our HVAC filter selection here with our sister company, CleanAir Solutions, in Hamilton. 

Inspect the drain line (condensate line).

Your condensate line runs through your home to your outdoor condenser unit. Its purpose is to drain any extra moisture and humidity produced in the air conditioning process – carrying it outdoors.

In carrying this moisture outdoors, your condensate line can successfully protect your home from: 

These damages are why keeping this drain line clean is so important. If it is not cleaned, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in costly HVAC repairs! 

Check the pipe insulation on your suction line. 

The second line you need to check this spring is your suction line (cold line). This outdoor copper pipe supplies your compressor with cool refrigerant and must be well insulated.

If the suction pipe is not insulated, the efficiency of your air conditioning will likely decline. Leaving you with insufficient cooling or even a damaged AC system. 

Types of suction line damages to look for:

  • Sun rot. 
  • Unwanted pests (and their makeshift nests).
  • Ice that is trapped inside the insulation.

Have you discovered any of these damages? If so, contact your air conditioner technicians at Shipton’s Heating and Cooling. 

Clean out the supply vents and return grills. 

Before turning on your air conditioner, ensure that the supply vents and return grills are clear and clean. 

Cool fresh air travels through your ductwork and releases into your home through these openings. If blocked, that air will become trapped – making your air conditioner inefficient and ineffective.

Remove all toys, curtains and furniture from these air vents to help maintain proper airflow from your air conditioner to your home.

Pro Tip: 

You will also want to take a vacuum to your air vents to catch any dust, dirt or pet hair that may have become trapped.

Schedule ductwork maintenance. 

And lastly, don’t forget to schedule a professional spring duct cleaning and/or ductwork maintenance. 

Duct cleaning can help improve your: 

  • Indoor Air Quality, 
  • System Performance,
  • Energy Efficiency and
  • Equipment Lifespan.

Schedule your duct cleaning service with our sister company, CleanAir Solutions, today! 

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