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Investing in a new air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or combination HVAC unit can quickly become a more challenging mission than you might expect.

First, there is the terminology. For example, what is the difference between “AC” and “HVAC?” Should you buy an all-inclusive unit that supplies cooling and heating or buy a furnace? Or perhaps a heat pump would be a better choice?

Then there is the cost to consider. An economy unit might save you in the short term, but will it be durable and long-lasting over the long haul? On the flip side, you could go all out and get a premium unit. But that might take a bigger chunk out of your budget than you were planning for.

Finally, you have to choose a distributor and an installation provider. You want the most knowledgeable service, the most comprehensive warranty and a hotline to call if you have questions or it is maintenance time.

In this post, learn about a financing offer you may find yourself unable to refuse—especially since it comes complete with everything else on your must-have shopping list!

Finance Your New HVAC System in a SNAP

SNAP is a new financing service that we offer to all our valued clients. We have partnered with SNAP Financial to offer you a unique financing package.

You can pre-qualify in just a few minutes by completing the online form located on our SNAP Financing web page.

SNAP financing offers you these great perks:

  • Fast and easy online approval system
  • Up to 100 percent financing for your current HVAC needs
  • No downpayment is required to qualify
  • There is no early full payment penalty
  • You can choose either of these two plans: an initial term of six months with no interest accrual and no payments OR immediate low interest monthly payments
  • Auto-draft payments are available
  • A variety of loan terms offer up to 10 years for repayment

Why Finance Your HVAC Purchase Through Shipton’s?

Over our nearly 100 wonderful years of serving our clients in the Hamilton and surrounding areas, we have seen firsthand just how stressful emergency HVAC and furnace replacements can be.

A big part of our ongoing mission in the industry is to find creative new ways to make repairing, maintaining, and replacing HVAC equipment painless for you.

We decided to begin offering this new financing service for these three reasons:

  1. HVAC units often don’t decide to retire at the precise moment when you have the funds to buy a new unit, which means financing is often not optional.
  2. Buying purely based on what you can afford at that moment often nets you a lower-quality unit that won’t last as long and will be more expensive to maintain and repair.
  3. Overseeing the whole process for you (financing, unit selection, installation, maintenance) can greatly reduce your stress levels.

Tips for Choosing Your New HVAC System

If you have already started the process of researching new HVAC system options, it probably didn’t take you long to notice that the HVAC industry is a competitive place!

There are many manufacturers and distributors who would love to sell you a new unit—probably far more than you have time to talk with and pre-screen.

But the real question isn’t what kind of good deal a distributor can give you on a new HVAC system. The real question is: What happens when you have questions or need maintenance or repairs?

Will that manufacturer or distributor still be so eager to talk with you and help you after the initial HVAC unit sale goes through? Do they have local representatives who are licensed and certified to work on your make and model of HVAC unit? What will your warranty cover, and for how long? And what will it cost you to have a service technician come take a look if need be?

These are the types of questions that can turn a great deal sour in a hurry. Often, what you save in terms of that initial big-ticket purchase then gets spent on pricey repairs or complex warranty claims procedures.

Your 3 Basic HVAC Choices

We briefly mentioned earlier that you have three basic choices when purchasing a new HVAC unit.

  1. Bargain basement. You can go “economy,” purchasing a unit that cools and heats for a price that makes your bank account happy.
  2. Middle-tier. You can choose from one of many middle-tier units that fall within a price range window—most HVAC units on the market today are in this class.
  3. Deluxe. For several hundred dollars more than a middle-tier HVAC unit, you can get lots of bells and whistles.

Unless you really think you are going to use the heck out of the extras that a deluxe HVAC unit offers, you may not find that the cost really justifies itself. Similarly, as with many purchases today, if the price seems “too good to be true,” it often is.

This is the real key to making your choice. Can your initial cost, or cost savings, be justified in terms of end usefulness, life expectancy, energy efficiency, and high-quality temperature control?

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