5 Reasons to Purchase Your New HVAC System During the Summer

Summer Savings In Air Conditioner

If you ask most HVAC manufacturers and distributors about the best time to buy new HVAC components, they will tell you that the off-seasons of spring and fall will net you the best deals.

But this isn’t necessarily the case. The truth is, the best time is always going to be before your current air conditioner or furnace conks out for good. What you really want to do is anticipate outages rather than react to them.

In this post, learn five key reasons why summer can be the best time to purchase a new air conditioner or furnace!

1. Summer is when manufacturers and distributors are trying to clear their inventory of last year’s air conditioning models

While this doesn’t apply to every manufacturer, in most cases air conditioning manufacturers will release their new models in early to mid-spring.

This means distributors will be eager to clear out last year’s air conditioning and heating models to make way for the new incoming HVAC models.

By the time summer arrives in earnest, unsold units from the prior year are likely to be available for a sharp discount, getting you a great new unit at a fraction of its full retail value.

2. Summer can net you a great deal on a furnace before the new models arrive in the fall

If it is a furnace you are after, summer is an optimal time to make your purchase for three key reasons.

The first is that you neatly sidestep any potential heating outages or major repair bills by upgrading your furnace before you will actually need to use it this year.

The second reason is that distributors will be eagerly clearing out their inventory in anticipation of new furnace models rolling in, in early fall.

The third is that you will start out the winter season this year with a brand-new energy-efficient furnace that can trim up to 15 percent off of your annual winter heating bill – that adds up to a potential savings of $200 or more.

Here again, you can get some great early discounts on a high-efficiency furnace unit by shopping during the hot season instead of waiting until it starts to cool down.

3. A summer HVAC upgrade lets you take maximum advantage of the energy efficiency savings you will get with your new air conditioner

If there is one thing no homeowner loves, it is the inevitably higher energy bills during the summer.

So if you are in the market for a new air conditioner, why not take the plunge during the hot season so you can start reaping the energy savings right away? Energy Star states that you can trim up to 20 percent off your summer cooling bill by upgrading to a new air conditioner during the summer season.

Between the improved energy efficiency of the unit itself and the energy-saving perks like usage reports, a programmable thermostat, smart Wi-Fi controls and more, you could stand to save significantly on your summer cooling costs.

4. Score a super combo deal when you purchase both HVAC components together as a package

You naturally have more bargaining power when you are in the market for two major home appliances rather than just one. And if there is one thing HVAC distributors love more than selling one major appliance, it is selling two major appliances!

If you time it just right, you may even be able to pick up a discounted high-end combo air conditioner and furnace system right before the new models are released.

5. You avoid an untimely summer A/C outage by upgrading to a new unit when you need it most.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to upgrade your air conditioner during the summer is also the simplest: when you upgrade to a new A/C unit now, you don’t risk having to pay for major repairs only to end up buying a new unit before next summer anyway.

If you do face a major air conditioning outage and are on the fence about making a replacement versus making the repairs, a good rule of thumb is to use what HVAC contractors like to call the “$5,000 Rule.”

The $5,000 Rule basically states that if you multiply the cost of the repair estimate by the age of your A/C unit and the sum is $5,000 or more, it is better to go ahead and replace the unit than try to repair it.

(We also devoted a whole blog post to the topic of whether to repair or replace your air conditioner – check it out here.)

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