Pros and Cons of Installing An Air Conditioner and Furnace Combo Unit

Shipton's Heating and Cooling provides the pros and cons of installing an air conditioner and furnace combo unit.

Thus far, winter weather is proving quite mild. Thank goodness. After the year we just had, we could all use a little more mild in our lives.

But winter is not over yet – not by a long shot. Your furnace still has weeks to go before it can settle down for its long summer nap.

If your air conditioner was increasingly grumpy about operating last summer, be aware we may be in for an early spring and warmer-than-usual summer!

And if you recall the triple-digit heat wave we had last summer, you know you definitely want your air conditioner primed and ready for the warm weather up ahead!

When one of your HVAC appliances is failing, it can be hard to decide whether to upgrade just the one unit or take the plunge and upgrade both at the same time. This is a big decision and we review what you need to know in this article.

CONS of Installing an Air Conditioner and Furnace Combo Unit

Here at Shipton’s Heating and Cooling in Hamilton, Ontario, we prefer to get the bad news out of the way first. That way, the good news just sounds even sweeter!

So let’s start by reviewing the downside of choosing to bundle your air conditioner and furnace together. Don’t worry – the news isn’t terrible. Just something to be mindful of as you weigh your options.

1. Increased Initial Investment

There is no getting around the fact that two new appliances are going to be more expensive than a single new appliance.

However, this investment is made slightly easier to stomach when you consider that an older air conditioner or furnace may be starting to require increasingly expensive repairs.

In general, EnergyStar recommends replacing an air conditioner or heat pump that is 10 years old or older.

For a furnace or boiler, if your appliance is 15 years or older, you may actually save money by simply replacing the unit – both in repair bills and energy expenses.

2. May Sacrifice Some Useful Life

When you have one appliance that still has some potentially useful life in it, it can feel challenging to replace it before it conks out.

But consider this – there is a market for used HVAC appliances! It may be possible to resell your unit to recoup some of that unused useful life.

3. Can’t Use New Appliances Right Away

Nothing is more fun than powering your new furnace or air conditioner unit and enjoying the clean, quiet, efficient warm or cool air.

However, if you upgrade now while it is winter, you won’t be able to use your air conditioner until it gets warm. So….patience and a longer-term investment perspective is required here.

4. May Require Rethinking Where You Install It

If your new HVAC is a true all-in-one unit, these typically get installed outdoors. If you are presently using a different type of system, you may need to rethink how and where to install the new system.

A perk here – if you are installing a new combo unit outside, this can potentially free up some usable space indoors!

PROS of Installing An Air Conditioner and Furnace Combo Unit

Now we are on to the fun stuff – let’s talk about the benefits you get from upgrading your whole HVAC system at once.

1. Only Pay For One Installation Service Fee

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that buying a new furnace or air conditioner isn’t the biggest expense when upgrading their HVAC system.

That award goes to HVAC installation costs.

Cutting those costs is a bonus you only get if you replace your heating and air conditioner appliances at once. It is one that can potentially cut your whole-system HVAC installation costs literally in half.

2. Lower Energy Bills All Year Long

EnergyStar states that you stand to shave up to 20 percent off your annual cooling costs and up to 15 percent off your heating costs by upgrading to a new energy efficient HVAC system.

The average Canadian homeowner spends about $2,358 on energy annually. An estimated 64 percent of this goes towards heating and cooling the home.

What if you could save up to 35 percent of that amount (20 percent on AC and 15 percent on heating)? That would mean $528 back in your pocket annually.

This is where it starts to make a lot more sense to replace both your heating and cooling appliances together, even if one of those units hasn’t quite reached the end of its useful life as of yet.

3. Cleaner Air And Quieter Operation

With a new air conditioner and furnace, you can look forward to noticeable improvements in energy efficiency, quiet operation and – most importantly given the worldwide pandemic going on right now – indoor air quality!

4. Increased Home Resale Value

For homeowners who have any thoughts of selling, very little about a home for sale lights up the eyes of a potential buyer more than finding out the home has a brand new HVAC system.

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