What Is a Media Air Cleaner And How Does It Work?

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Indoor air quality has never been much of a hot topic of conversation – until now. The quality of your indoor air has become such an important factor to consider, especially in highly populated, suburban areas like Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. 

Ever since the onset of COVID-19, and especially since schools have reopened this month, the big question on everybody’s mind has been – is the new novel coronavirus airborne?

Now we know. The answer is a resounding “yes.” This has effectively put any topic related to indoor air quality in the spotlight.

Suddenly, we are all eager to hear more about how we can clean up our indoor air and put as much distance as possible between ourselves, our family and any infectious droplets that might be circulating.

One big question that our HVAC specialists at Shipton’s Heating and Cooling have been answering from our customers lately relates to media air cleaners. Specifically, what is a media air cleaner? How does it work? How can it help protect you from COVID-19?

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What Is a Media Air Cleaner?

A media air cleaner is an air filter, however it isn’t JUST an air filter. The standard-issue air filter you probably have in your furnace right now has only one job to do: keep airborne particles like dust and dirt from getting into the blower motor and causing a fire hazard.

A media air cleaner has two jobs to do: that plus protecting you by keeping airborne toxins out of your lungs.

In fact, a media air cleaner does its job up to 40 times better than your typical out-of-the-box HVAC filter.

It is easiest to see the difference when you hold up a standard air filter next to a media air cleaner. This is because the media air cleaner will easily be four to five inches thicker than a standard furnace filter.

3 Key Benefits of a Media Air Cleaner

The key to how a media air cleaner works is found in its construction. The filter itself is incredibly dense, which translates to three key benefits for you:

1. A media air cleaner can trap many more toxins than a traditional air filter.

A media air cleaner is thicker and much more dense than a traditional HVAC air filter.

What this means in air filter terminology is that one media air cleaner is like 10 or more regular HVAC air filters in terms of available surface area to trap airborne particles.

With expanded surface area, you get a much longer, useful life as well as an increased ability to trap solid toxins and remove them permanently from your indoor air.

2. A media air cleaner can trap much smaller size particles than a traditional air filter.

The density and thickness of a media air cleaner’s construction means it can remove much tinier airborne solids by trapping them inside its intricate inner structure.

In fact, a media air cleaner is very capable of trapping particles as small as 0.01 microns – this is quite a bit smaller than the 0.125-micron size of an airborne coronavirus droplet.

So, if you have circulating airborne coronavirus droplets that have hitched a ride atop a particle of dust, pollen, ash or some other inert matter floating in your indoor air, a media air cleaner can trap them.

This fact alone has caused increased demand for media air cleaners. Interested in installing an air cleaner system within your home this year? Contact our experienced technicians at Shipton’s in Hamilton for more information on our HVAC products and installation services. 

3. A media air filter can work with any standard residential or commercial HVAC system.

You may be wondering why you need a whole separate standalone media air cleaner when you could just upgrade the air filter in your furnace.

The reason is simple.

The vast majority of residential and commercial HVAC units cannot work with this type of high-performance, professional air filter.

The least bad thing that will happen if you try to install a MERV 17-20 or HEPA air filter (the equivalent of a media air cleaner) in your current furnace is skyrocketing energy bills.

The worst thing that will happen is your blower motor will overheat and you suddenly have a home or workplace fire.

You cannot use an air filter that is rated higher than your HVAC system itself is rated. You can, however, add a separate, standalone media air cleaner to your HVAC system and get the same benefit without the risk of the higher energy bills or the home fire. Contact our Shipton’s Heating and Cooling technicians today to inquire about your adding an air cleaner to your HVAC system.

How Is a Media Air Cleaner Installed?

Another reason why Shipton’s Heating and Cooling is such a fan of the media air cleaner (as if being able to trap COVID-19 droplets isn’t already enough) is because of how flexible and long-lasting these filters are.

For example, you can install a media air cleaner in a number of places, including the furnace air handler, plenum or return air duct.

Also, you don’t have to change out a media air cleaner more than every one to two years, depending on your usage patterns.

Even if you have very high usage patterns and change out your media air cleaner once every 12 months, you will still pay less than 50 cents per day for the added protection.

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