Can Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services Help Limit Asthma and Allergy Symptoms? Find out Here!

Shipton's CleanAir Solutions explores how air duct cleaning services can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

“Stay inside,” they said. “You will have fewer allergy symptoms,” they promised. But we are now finding out that the opposite is often the case! Especially with sensitive individuals, such as young children and the elderly.

What is causing the shift? Toxic indoor air.

The average person spends less than five minutes a day outdoors. And the pandemic has caused us to stay home even more than usual. If you and your family are breathing the same indoor air day in and day out, you really need to know that your home air is safe to breathe.

Read on to find out what to do to help your kids – and you – breathe easier and feel better. We’ll discuss how to test air quality in-home, mold removal, and the benefits of both a whole-house humidifier installation and air duct cleaning services

Is Your Home’s Indoor Air Harming Your Kids?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average person’s indoor air is up to five times more toxic than the air outside. Modern, airtight and insulated homes have made this problem much worse by literally trapping the airborne toxins indoors! 

3 Places You Can Find Airborne Toxins In Your Home:

  1. Off-gassing from mattresses and furnishings
  2. Toxins found in home cleaning and personal care products
  3. Fumes from craft glues and so-called air fresheners

Chances are, your home’s indoor air is a recipe for respiratory distress! 

Right now, stop reading and just take a quick look around your space. What do you see? What do you smell? Can you pronounce the ingredients on that bottle of counter cleaning spray? What about the scented candle in your bathroom – what is it made of?

The truth is, we are all tempted to blame the great outdoors for our respiratory symptoms. But all too often, the real culprits are the ones we bring home with us.

When Should You Book Your Air Duct Cleaning Services?

According to the EPA, there are four key signs to watch for that will tell you when it is time to consider professional air duct cleaning services.

1. When you see mold on, around or inside your air registers, exhaust vents, duct surfaces and heating and cooling components.

2. When you have or are now dealing with an insect, vermin or rodent infestation.

3. When you can see visible signs of dust and debris exiting your air registers or HVAC components. 

4. When your air ducts have accumulated built-up dust and debris that has gotten trapped inside.

Now, reading through this list, you can see it may be tricky to determine whether some of these criteria apply to you. This is especially true if you have no idea whether the previous homeowner did any maintenance on the ductwork at all.

So how can you know if your home is overdue for indoor air duct cleaning services?

How to Tell If Your Air Ducts Need to be Professionally Cleaned

Here at Shipton’s CleanAir Solutions, we are not a fan of doing an indoor air duct cleaning sight unseen.

This is why we always start every air duct cleaning evaluation by taking a look inside your air ducts and inviting you to look along with us!

How do we do this?

Our professional Rotovision video inspection system allows us to insert a tiny camera up into your air ducts. This tiny camera is linked to a larger external video monitor so we can see exactly what is lurking inside your air ducts.

(Want to see this in action for yourself? We invite you to watch this short video of a client’s RotoVision ductwork inspection.)

Is your primary problem dust? Mildew? Insect debris? Rodent waste? Mold? All of the above? We won’t have to guess. Rather, we will look together and decide what the best approach should be.

This systematic approach also ensures that if any advance prep work needs to be done, like mold removal, we can take care of that first to safeguard you and your family.

There have also been cases where we insert the tiny camera up into a customer’s ductwork and discover the air ducts really don’t need to be cleaned. In this case, we will defer the treatment and offer you other recommendations for any indoor air quality concerns you may have.

If you’re not sure how to test air quality in-home, we can help! Contact our team today to learn more about home indoor air quality testing!

What to Expect During Your Superior Air Duct Cleaning Appointment From Shipton’s CleanAir Solutions

So, how does duct cleaning work, really? And what actually happens during an air duct cleaning service call? 

After we verify that your ducts do need cleaning, our crew gets to work. The Rotobrush unit is low-profile and portable to allow minimal disruption to your living space.

Our technicians will remove your air registers to clean and sanitize them for you. While we do this, the Rotobrush air duct cleaning system snakes through your entire air duct system, securely suctioning out all debris into a commercial-grade vacuum container.

Our home air duct cleaning services take between three and five hours. This means that in less than half a day we can drastically improve your home’s indoor air quality! 

Your air duct cleaning result is air so clean that our customers often say they can literally smell the difference!

How Much is Duct Cleaning? Bundle and Save on Our Air Duct Cleaning Services Today!

Worried about your air duct cleaning cost? Right now, you can save $100 when you bundle together our professional air duct cleaning services with your choice of either a whole home ultraviolet air purifier or a whole-house humidifier.

Choose from any one of our three popular indoor air duct cleaning services to claim your special $100 savings.

Shipton’s CleanAir Solutions Is Your Trusted Ontario Duct Cleaning Expert

If someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, give them the gift of better health with a superior air duct cleaning for your home. We offer duct cleaning in Brantford, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas!

Not all air duct cleaning companies are the same. We don’t just tell you how air duct cleaning can improve your respiratory health – we show you!

Learn more about our cutting-edge Rotobrush system to clean, sanitize and disinfect your ducts using the same EPA-certified products used in many hospitals and nursing homes.

Give your family the gift of better health, better sleep and better quality of life with air duct cleaning services. Ready to get started? Call your friendly Shipton’s CleanAir Solutions service technician at 1-905-549-2470 or schedule a no-obligation quote here!

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